Thursday, May 29, 2008

Potluck Location

The Potluck takes place in a small city park (KirbyPark) in Spring Valley IL (about 10 minutes west ofthe intersection of I80 and I39)...about 2 hours from downtown Chicago. The entire event takes place OUTSIDE under park shelters. (last years pictures)

The participants bring thier own tents to spend the night in. Although last year some slept in the back of SUV's and some slept under the stars in the shelter. Some slept where they fell...LOL.

The clinics take place mostly at the shelters (bike clinic, gear clinic, racing green, etc.) although the paddling clinic takes place about a quarter mile away on the Illinois river and the nav clinic will take place 'around'.

The group paddle tales place on the Vermillion river putting-in in Lowell IL (20 minutes from the park), and taking-out at Oglesby IL. Although last year one team chose to do a more serene paddle on nearby calm Lake Depue (4 miles away).

The group ride starts at the shelters and heads towards Starved Rock State Park using roads and a bike path along the I&M canal. The ride is about 28 miles(14 each way). The riders will probably stop at Starved Rock for a hike too...they did last year.

There is a shorter ride available too. Basically you'll drive to a point where you can meet up with the longer ride, cutting off half the distance so the rideis 14. Last year a couple teams decided to head in completely different directions on thier own and search out somegravel roads and dirt paths. The race will take place around Spring Valley, and this year will head in an entirely different direction then last year.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Thanks to the efforts of April Hernann and Cortny Hannon (my wife), food will be available at the Potluck.

For a fee ($10 each), you'll be able to Opt-in for food for the weekend.

The plan is to have grill-your-own burgers and hotdogs, make-your-own sandwiches, chips, fruit, water, etc etc. for dinner the night of the 19th.

Then easy breakfast items...bagels, donuts, fruit, etc...for breakfast the next morning.

Last year it was kind of a rush to get to food and get back without missing something fun. So, this year, for $10 each, you can fix your own and never leave.

Of course, you can still Opt-out as well, and get your own food if that's what you prefer.

Please tell us your preference when you send your registration email.

If you've already registered, I will be sending you a separate email sometime in the near future.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Latest Schedule!

As of right now, the weekend schedule is looking like this...

Day 1:

9-10am Check-in

10-11am Orientation/Set-up/Get your own Lunch

11am-4pm Bike Rides (Rod McLennan) and Whitewater trip (Neil Johnson)
(Reserve a Kayak or Raft now at Vermillion River Rafting. NOTE: we are not afilliated with this company and none of the fee they charge you will go to us.)

4-5pm Paddling Clinic (at River with Milan Kratka)
brought to you by Seattle Sport Co.

5-6pm Bike Gear/Maintenance Clinic (at shelter with John Morris)
brought to you by Planet Bike

6-7pm Navigation Clinic (around park with Jeremy Van Ek)
brought to you by Suunto

7-8pm Dinner (get your own)

8-9pm "AR Gear Talk" (around fire with Gerry Voelliger)
brought to you by Salomon

9-10pm "Racing Green" (around fire with Team ARFE)

10-11pm Photos and Stories of Primal Quest and Eco-Challenge from Matt and Dawn Moore, and then Matt Fox!

11pm-? Social time

MIDNIGHT - Race maps made available!
Map "Thank you's" to and!

AFTER MIDNIGHT! - Night Orienteering (around park with Jermey Van Ek)

Day 2:

9-10am - Race Orientation

10am- RACE!

This schedule is subject to change at any time.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008


If you'd like to attend this years event, all you need to do is email Chad at and tell him you're coming.

You'll be added to the email list and receive regular updates.

Please be sure to include the full name of each person coming, and thier emails.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ESSENTIAL GEAR lighting it up!

Essential Gear has sent us some headlamps, lazersticks, and guardian lights to help us stay safe and light our way!